Tony Sanchez

Tony Sanchez

My name is Tony Sanchez, and I have dedicated my life to the practice and teaching of yoga. With over four decades of experience in the field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my students.

My journey began in the late 1970s when I immersed myself in the discipline of postural yoga under the guidance of Bikram Choudhury at the Yoga College of India. This foundational training laid the groundwork for my lifelong commitment to yoga practice and teaching.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of holding various leadership roles in esteemed institutions within the yoga community. From serving as the Principal Instructor and Director at Bikram’s Yoga College of India in San Francisco to founding and directing the United States Yoga Association, a non-profit educational foundation, I have been deeply involved in advancing the practice of yoga both locally and globally.

In addition to my work in yoga instruction, I have also pursued training in Buddhist & Martial Qi Gong under Master Moon and Taoist Qi Gong under Master K.C. Mao, further enriching my understanding of mind-body disciplines.

My professional journey has taken me across diverse settings, from leading yoga programs at prestigious spas like One&Only Palmilla and Esperanza in Mexico to instructing at corporate headquarters such as in San Francisco. My experience encompasses a wide range of teaching environments, from intimate studio settings to large-scale educational initiatives in public schools.

In 2011, I founded the Yogic Physical Culture Academy, where I have focused on instructor training, advanced training, and developing online and on-location yoga programs rooted in the Ghosh lineage of postural yoga. 

Building upon this foundation, I launched Tony Sanchez Yoga in 2020, where I continue to share my passion for yoga through innovative teaching methods and accessible programming.

My commitment to yoga extends beyond the physical practice; it is a holistic lifestyle that encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through my teachings, I aim to empower individuals to cultivate balance, strength, and resilience both on and off the mat.

As a yoga instructor, my mission is to inspire and guide others on their journey toward self-discovery and transformation. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share the profound benefits of yoga with my students and communities around the world.

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Join us at Tony Yoga and experience the profound benefits of yoga for yourself. Whether you’re looking to build strength, find balance, or simply unwind after a long day, we’re here to support you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.


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Our individualized personal training focus on each student’s particular needs. Is personal training right for you?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Tony Sanchez Yoga is a yoga studio founded by Tony Sanchez, offering classes rooted in the Ghosh lineage of postural yoga. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing authentic teachings, personalized attention, and a supportive community atmosphere.

Our instructors are highly experienced and trained professionals with extensive backgrounds in yoga practice and teaching. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each class, ensuring a safe and effective practice for students of all levels.

We offer classes inspired by the Ghosh lineage of postural yoga, which focuses on alignment, strength, and flexibility. Our classes may include elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, and therapeutic yoga, providing a well-rounded practice experience.


Yes, our classes are open to students of all levels, including beginners. Our instructors provide modifications and adjustments to accommodate varying levels of experience and ability, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and supported in their practice.

You can sign up for classes through our website. Simply create an account, browse our class schedule, and reserve your spot in the desired class. Walk-ins are also welcome, space permitting.

Yes, we offer private yoga sessions for individuals or small groups who prefer personalized instruction or have specific goals or needs. Private sessions can be tailored to your preferences and scheduled at a time that works for you.

Yoga offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, including improved flexibility, strength, balance, stress reduction, relaxation, and mindfulness. Regular practice can also enhance overall well-being and quality of life.